Zoomer PDA Rumors and Speculations

Here are some interesting rumors and speculations about Zoomer and other GEOS-based PDAs, listed in reverse chronological order:

January 22, 1996
OK, so the Goldstar PDA will not be GEOS-based (answers come swiftly on the Internet :-), but it looks like there's a GEOS-based Nokia cellular phone in the works!

January 22, 1996
There's a new PDA from Goldstar coming out this year. Is it GEOS-based? If you know, send me mail about it. In the meantime, here's the initial speculation and some pointers to more information about it.

January 5, 1996
A picture of the Hyundai Gulliver!

December 19, 1995
Some information about the Hyundai Gulliver PDA: where/when it is being released as a product, and some sketchy but intriguing specifications.

September 6, 1995
Yet more info about the Jedi. It will be called "OmniGo 100", has a keyboard, will support third-party handwriting recogition, and for an extra $200 you get built-in communications.

August 22, 1995
A little more info about the Hewlett Packard "Jedi" PDA has begun to be collected on zoomer-list.

August 1, 1995
A paging interface from PC's to Zoomers?

July 7, 1995
A new Zoomer with a spread-spectrum transceiver built in? Well, not entirely.

June 1, 1995
More info about Hewlett-Packard's plans for GEOS-based handhelds.

April 24, 1995
New stuff from Casio: send/receive FAX and wireless LAN for Z-7000, and one or more new PDA's based on GEOS v3.0!

February 21, 1995
Novell Corsair Client for Zoomers?

February 2, 1995
GEOS-based PDA from Hewlett-Packard? and/or from Hyundai?


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