Re: Goldstar PDA

Brian Smithson (brian@eit.COM)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 11:40:16 -0700

On Jan 18, 5:52pm, Bob Bottomley wrote:

> Didn't I read somewhere that Goldstar was making a GEOS-based device?
> Is this it?

I don't recall reading anything about Goldstar and Geoworks, but I did
find some more information about this device (including a photo).
Unfortunately, there aren't any clues about the underlying operating
system or development partners. Looking at the photo, the screen doesn't
look like any particular GEOS-based device I've seen, but there's
nothing about it that tells me it _couldn't_ be GEOS-based.

If anyone knows whether or not this PDA is GEOS based, please post a

Here are the pointers to Goldstar's WWW info about the PDA:

press release:

general description with inline photo:

I've sent them some mail asking for details...

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