Re: Tell me more about the Jedi

Brian Smithson (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 17:53:54 -0700 (PDT)

> On Tue, 22 Aug 95 14:24:00 PDT Fortson, Russ wrote:
> >
> >What's this about the HP Jedi? I already know I paid too much for my
> Zoomer
> >($250 at Radio Shack).

I'd like to know much more about the Jedi as well. A lengthy search of
WWW sites (HP corporate, 100/200LX sites, general PDA sites), newsgroups
(all of 'em :-), and FAQs, revealed very little. All I could glean was it:

- is rumored to be out in October-December sometime; this is a slip from
the previous rumor of August

- is GEOS 2.X-based (hopefully it'll be GEOS 2.1 with execute-in-place),
with a follow-on GEOS 3.0-based product rumored for next year

- will use the same 80186-ish core processor that is used in the 200LX;
the follow-on product will use the AMD Elan processor

- will be priced at or under $300

- complements the 200LX products, but the follow-on products will likely
replace the 200LX (meaning: more built-in name brand apps? -my speculation)

- is being designed at HP Singapore, as are other new handheld HP products;
HP Corvallis (Oregon) is switching over to doing notebook products

Does anyone else have information about the product? Is it forward compatible
from the Zoomer (i.e. Zoomer apps will run on the HP)? Backward compatible
(i.e. HP apps will run on the Zoomer)? Uses the current GEOS SDK? What about
screen size, battery life, built-in apps, etc.?