Re: Goldstar PDA

Bob Bottomley (
Mon, 22 Jan 96 15:04:15 PST

It looks the the Goldstar Handy PDA will *not* be GEOS-based. Here is what I
found in EE Times Interactive, November 20, 1995; Issue 875, page 1:

LG (formerly Lucky Goldstar) will launch three PDA-class products next year,
including one it displayed at Comdex called the Handy PDA. Basically a
half-pound flip phone with a touch-sensitive screen, Handy was shown in an
analog AMPS version with a 320- x 200-pixel electroluminescent backlit
screen and a pen interface for dialing and accessing a small suite of
personal-information manager utilities.

The analog smart phone will be sold in Korea starting in mid-1996 and will
debut in the United States at the end of that year. Based on a proprietary
X86-style processor and homegrown operating system, Handy will support
paging functions and offer a serial port and connectivity to Windows
95-based desktops.

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