a bit more on Hyundai Gulliver

Brian Smithson (brian@eitech.eit.com)
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:43:09 -0700

I grabbed a little bit of text off of a Korean site, not Hyundai's, that
turned up during a search for information on the Gulliver PDA. The text
is included below (their English translation, not mine). Note the "Voice
Function" part, and the PCMCIA type III slot (would fit those little
hard disks for lots of cheap storage)! I'm trying to get more
information, and if you know of a source, please let me know.


Gulliver-Hyundai Personal Digital Assistant
Pen Input PDA
-Acclaimed as the future personal information management system with
such telling features as Handwriting Recognition, Communication,
aesthetic design in a light and slim package as well as a variety of
pre-installed S/W packages.
Voice Fuction
- Voice function enables Voice Recording & Play, Mailing, Speaker phone
and Answering.
- Enlarged usability by utilizing a variety of PCMCIA cards such as
Memory, Communication and HDD in two type II or one type III PCMCIA
Ample S/W
- Bundled with such PDA S/W as Notebook, Address, Schedular, World Time,
On-line, Pocket Quicken, City-info.


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