Re: a bit more on Hyundai Gulliver

John Jerney (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 21:03:09 -0800


There is a short piece about the Gulliver being spotted at COMDEX in the
current issue of mobilis, a web magazine available at: The Gulliver is described in the first
feature article entitled "COMDEX: A Mobile Perspective."

Hope this helps.

John Jerney

>I grabbed a little bit of text off of a Korean site, not Hyundai's, that
>turned up during a search for information on the Gulliver PDA. The text
>is included below (their English translation, not mine). Note the "Voice
>Function" part, and the PCMCIA type III slot (would fit those little
>hard disks for lots of cheap storage)! I'm trying to get more
>information, and if you know of a source, please let me know.