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6 Sep 95 19:21:33 EDT

something I saw on usenet.....on the Jedi ada OmniGo

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> In the meantime, HP will introduce something completely different with
> its OmniGo 100.

> Unlike the DOS-based 95-200LX computers, the OmniGo, code-named Jedi,
> will use the Geos OS. Geos uses the DOS file system, but it cannot run
> DOS applications.

> The device is expected to cost about $300 without communications
> features and $500 with built-in communications. Like the 200LX, it
> will have a built-in spreadsheet, text editor, and PIM, but a smaller
> screen. It will have a single Type II PC Card (formerly known as
> PCMCIA) slot.

> The keyboard-based device will also have fewer -- albeit larger --
> keys than the 200LX, along with a touch-sensitive panel that replaces
> the function keys.

> The device will not have built-in handwriting recognition, but it will
> support third-party handwriting recognition packages, sources said.

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