Searching for used add-ons for Omnigo 100

Dijken van D.C. (
Wed, 14 May 1997 22:14:55 +0200

Dear Forum,
I would like to know or there is somebody who sells some add ons to the
omnigo 100 who has no trouble with sending it overseas(the Netherlands)
Overhere it's very difficult at this time to get something I'm searching
List follows:
1. HP PC-connectivity set(PC-link)including win(95)software/English
2. GEOS Bindery to write book apps for omnigo
3. HP Clip & Go scratch screen
4. Printer Cable.
5. 2MB (flash)Ram card working with my Omnigo 100
6. Possible a complete Omnigo 100/120LX
When I'm on line I also would like to ask or there is somebody who can tell
me what's the difference between the Omnigo 100 and the 100LX?
Also I'm interested in adresses from retaiIers where I can buy add-ons
Please advise thank you
Derk email