Re: Searching for used add-ons for Omnigo 100
Wed, 14 May 1997 17:16:42 -0400 (EDT)

>List follows:
>1. HP PC-connectivity set(PC-link)including win(95)software/English
>2. GEOS Bindery to write book apps for omnigo
>3. HP Clip & Go scratch screen
>4. Printer Cable.
>5. 2MB (flash)Ram card working with my Omnigo 100
>6. Possible a complete Omnigo 100/120LX
>When I'm on line I also would like to ask or there is somebody who can tell
>me what's the difference between the Omnigo 100 and the 100LX?
>Also I'm interested in adresses from retaiIers where I can buy add-ons
>Please advise thank you
>Derk email

I just received your enquiry in my inbox, and wanted to reply. We carry
a wide range of handheld products and accessories. We currently have the
following items (new and used):

HP OmniGo 100 $259.00 U.S. Brand New in box with manual, etc.
1.8 MB Flash Card (PCMCIA) $149.00 U.S. (inhouse demo, slightly used)
Hp OmniGo 100 Connectivity Kit $50.00 U.S. (inhouse, slightly used, in
box with manual)

We also stock a wide range of leather carrying cases for the OmniGo
100/120, replacement pens, etc. Let me know if we can be of assistance to

We ship overseas daily so that's not a problem, either. we accept visa,
mastercard and american express for payment of any order.

all the best,

- Lloyd Wasser
Widget Software Canada

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