OGO and new deal- good idea

Steven Brice (steven@ellsom.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:16:44 +0100

I bought my Ogo in november last year. Right from the first day I took
it into the university where I study I've had people asking me how much
it cost and where they can get one.

One guy who was going to buy a Pilot was thinking of buying a 120
instead when he saw how versatile it is. The people who own/want a Psion
like the idea of the pen and the people thinking about a pilot like the

Out of all the handhelds the ogo is the most versatile. I was a little
annoyed when I heard HP dropped the GEOS Ogo for a WinCE handheld. The
people I know where amazed at the cost of the ogo, knowing microsoft the
inclusuion of windows would double the price of the unit.

I have heard the Apple are modifying thier Newton and are hoping to sell
them to schools. Surely the Ogo being cheap, having the pen and the
keyboard would make it more suitable for classroom use. Mabee this is
the key to brining back the life to the Ogo.




Steven Brice