Re: Format of JOTTER.000 database

andrew morton (
Tue, 13 May 1997 17:59:39 +0000

> 3. I have not found *any* reference to the format of INK data. I
> have
> discovered that it is stuffed as a user defined field in the
> various databases, but I cannot discern how it is stored. (I
> gather it uses some sort of compression, but I am not an expert
> on this. It does not seem to follow the GIF(89) standard. I also
> have no idea how the INK information is associated with its
> specific note text.
> 4. The jotter file I believe is a GEOS file. I am thinking that the
> INK format used by HP is probably that used by the JOTTER DB. If
> anyone has access to the SDK or some such development tool, could
> you let me know if that is in there? I would be willing to part
> with the $99 if I knew it had what I wanted.

I believe the ink is in a vector format, if you print out a page with
ink on it you'll see that it isn't smooth its a collection of
straight lines. I could be wrong it might just be placed in a raster
format after the data is entered in via vectors so it can be erased.

Well good luck,

Andrew Morton