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Thank you for the tip. Actually, I already have these documents, and
I thank Andrew Gryc immensely.

However, they are lacking:

1. Information on the user defined fields of the various ?DB formats:
2. He indicates that the notebook (NDB) database is slightly different
from the general and phone databases (GDB). Frankly, I have been able
to unpack them without difficulty, but am not sure if I am missing
3. I have not found *any* reference to the format of INK data. I have
discovered that it is stuffed as a user defined field in the various
databases, but I cannot discern how it is stored. (I gather it uses
some sort of compression, but I am not an expert on this. It does not
seem to follow the GIF(89) standard. I also have no idea how the INK
information is associated with its specific note text.
4. The jotter file I believe is a GEOS file. I am thinking that the
INK format used by HP is probably that used by the JOTTER DB. If
anyone has access to the SDK or some such development tool, could
you let me know if that is in there? I would be willing to part with
the $99 if I knew it had what I wanted.

I am still working on this, and any additional information is
appreciated. If anyone knows of *ANY* possible leads, I would
appreciate it.

ps. John,

I also like your idea. Another poster indicated that he was neither
an engineer nor a venture capitalist. Well, I am certainly am an engineer
and would consider being a venture capitalist if you had more details.

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> Steve Korson wrote:
> > Anyone know of the format of the JOTTER.000 file? I believe this
> > is a GEOS file? Anyone know of good newsgroups/mailing lists to
> > post this question to?
> >
> > I was wondering that maybe the HP databases (*.ADB, GDB etc.)
> > might perhaps use the GEOS or JOTTER format for the ink data.
> >
> > Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
> See for OmniGo database
> information.
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