Re: Sandisk flash RAM cards on the Omnigo?

Bill Holden (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 13:35:35 -0500

Asher Hoskins wrote:
> Stephen Cho <> wrote:
> >I'm using the SansDisk ATA 4Mb flash card in my OGO120. It's low power,
> >comprable to the MagicRam ATA flash cards. It's probably a little higher
> >than the SRAM cards, however power is only drawn when you read/write to the
> >card.
> Good, this looks like the card to get then.
> A few more questions before I buy one though:
> Do you get any pause when you switch your Og on (as has been described by
> some people using SRAM cards on this list recently)?
> Do I need to install any drivers on the Og before I can use a flash card?
> Does the card need formatting before use?
> If I create \GEOWORKS\WORLD and \GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT on the card will Geos
> directory spanning work so that I can keep some of my files on the Og and
> some on the card?
> Is this information in a FAQ anywhere? I'd be willing to stick this sort
> of information together and put it up on my web site if there was a demand.
> Asher.


I bought the 6MB card ($149) from Tiger Software. I turn my OmniGo on
and one second later I have a screen display. I don't think this wait
is anything to worry about. And you do not need any special drivers to
see the card, just use the Type II adapter and plug it in. As for the
formatting, I believe this is optional, I formatted mine before using.

The Ogo setup all the directories for me and I can install directly to
the SanDisk card under Win95. Some of the older applications will only
allow me to install to the main memory of the Ogo, but I can then move
them to the card with OmniCom.

I hope this information is helpful.

- Bill

P.S.- The compact flash is much less expensive than the SRAM cards that
I priced.