Re: Sandisk flash RAM cards on the Omnigo?

John Justin (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 08:05:37 -0700

Hi All:

The question posed by Asher concerning whether a recognition delay
exists with SanDisk flash cards when the Omnigo is turned on hasn't been
answered properly, possibly because it is misunderstood; let me

When you turn the Omnigo on and *immediately* tap at icon, is there a
delay before the icon reverses, thereby acknowledging your tap.

On all the SRAM cards that I have tested except for the Epson card,
there is a five second delay before the icon reverses after it is
tapped, when the Ogo is turned on. The Epson Card has a delay of about 1
second (costs a ludicrous $179). The old Ace cards and Grid cards had
absolutely no delay, both of which are no longer available!


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