Printing from the OGO

Heikki Arppe (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 13:51:13 +0200

What are your experiences in printing directly from the OGO?
What kind of printing speed can be expected?
Is printing by serial to parallel converter cable any faster or more
efficient than plain serial printing?

I've tried to print to a HP Laserjet 4M+ by serial cable. At 9600 baud it
works half the time but it is so slow that it is unuseable. And uses up the
batteries - printing seems to work better with fresh NiCads, evidently
making +-12V (serial line signal levels, haven't measured if the OGO gets
that far) from 3V battery draws some serious current. At 19200 baud
printing just doesn't work.

The HP technical support almost but not quite admits that printing directly
from the OGO just does not work. They also suggest printing through a PC
which would be fine if I had a PC. (Please, lets not get into any heated
arguments about the alternatives to using a PC.)

If someone has figured a way to print directly from the OGO, I'd really
appreciate hearing about that.

And many thanks to the helpful people on this list !