Re: New OGO user

Asher Hoskins (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:02:22 +0000 wrote:
>1. Is there a Graffiti stroke to write a time or date stamp? I use my
>ogo in folded-over pen mode 99.99% of the time (I'm usually standing
>while taking notes) and would *LOVE* to be able to create a shortcut
>that time/date stamps my logs.

I'm not aware of any time or date graffiti strokes, though apparently the
Zoomer (another GEOS machine) has them so perhaps they exist somewhere...
(could anyone with a Zoomer create shortcuts for date and time and then
download their \GEOWORKS\PRIVDATA\HWR\GRAFFITI.MCR file so that we could
see if they work on the Omnigo?)

>2. Is there a way to cut/copy/paste/delete a selected region of ink (in
>ink select mode in notepad) with a graf stroke?

Yes, the graffiti strokes for cut, copy and paste are printed on the keyboard
under the "-", "+", and "=" keys (which perform cut, copy and paste when
combined with Fn. The stroke for delete is:


(with * being the start of the stroke).

>3. The template spreadsheet is nicely laid out with some cells bordered,
>other cells w/o any kind of border. Starting a new spreadsheet, all the
>cells have a dashed line for a border. How can I set/change this?

You can't with the built in spreadsheet. If you want spreadsheets laid out
like that you'll have to use the desktop GEOS program GeoCalc.