New OGO user

Chalain (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 23:32:08 -0800

Hello, all...

Just got my ogo 3 days ago and am tweaking it for usefulness. Have a
few questions that aren't in the faq--any help would be most

1. Is there a Graffiti stroke to write a time or date stamp? I use my
ogo in folded-over pen mode 99.99% of the time (I'm usually standing
while taking notes) and would *LOVE* to be able to create a shortcut
that time/date stamps my logs.
2. Is there a way to cut/copy/paste/delete a selected region of ink (in
ink select mode in notepad) with a graf stroke?
3. The template spreadsheet is nicely laid out with some cells bordered,
other cells w/o any kind of border. Starting a new spreadsheet, all the
cells have a dashed line for a border. How can I set/change this?

Anyway, still "settling in" to my ogo, and love it. Anybody with help
or ideas here would really make my day.

Thanks in advance,

David Brady	    | I figured out the RAM/ROM disk structure | immediately.  Then again, it took me three
                    | days to find the '*' key.