Re: Omnigo 100/120 software ?

Wayne Venables (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:10:39 -0800

At 02:15 PM 2/17/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Is there any alternative to using the GOES SDK or IZL to code for the
>Omnigo ?

The current alternative is DOS. With help from Marcus Groeber I've been
able to piece together how to control power management in DOS. Whenever I
get a few free seconds (seems difficult these days) I'll piece together a
driver. With proper power management, DOS becomes a viable alternative to
Also, a GEOS version of a SmallTalk programming language is being
implemented for GEOS. It will be free and the source code will be
available (it is someones graduate project).

>It seems also that coding using the SDK is quite difficult &
>coupled with the fact that HP apparently will soon "dump" the OGO 100/120
>line (in favour of their CE machine), the OGO is doomed to few good native

Fortunately, there are still people developing for Desktop GEOS with
ports to the Omnigo. Software is in the works, and most software for the
desktop does run on the Omnigo.

>I use my OGO extensively & hoped that by now, it would have
>matured into a better platform.

I agree. I purchased my Omnigo because I believed it had considerably
more potential than any other device on the market.

>The Pilot was born much later & has gained
>much more support than the OGO in the form of more productive third party

The Pilot is more popular and easier to develop for. The Omnigo is
considerably less popular and most developers come from desktop GEOS.

>I would love to write dictionary/thesaurus software, more games (eg. chess)
>and even fax software but lack the tools to do so.

The SDK is only $100. You can even view the manauls online at I've looked through them a bit and it seems possible to
create simple apps without too much trouble.

>I'm sure there are quite
>a few OGOers like myself who are being frustrated because they know the
>potential of their OGO 100/120 but lack the resources to tap into it.

I'm one of those!

>P.S. Does anyone have any specifications on the Bindery ? File format etc.
>I would like to create a converter for HTML to Bindery and vice-versa.

I thought the same idea when I got my Omnigo. Appearently it's not
documented, but I suppose with Marcus's geodump software and a copy of the
bindery application you could hack it out.