Omnigo 100/120 software ?

Omar Downie (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 14:15:50 -0500

Hello OGOers,

Is there any alternative to using the GOES SDK or IZL to code for the
Omnigo ? It seems also that coding using the SDK is quite difficult &
coupled with the fact that HP apparently will soon "dump" the OGO 100/120
line (in favour of their CE machine), the OGO is doomed to few good native
programs. I use my OGO extensively & hoped that by now, it would have
matured into a better platform. The Pilot was born much later & has gained
much more support than the OGO in the form of more productive third party

I would love to write dictionary/thesaurus software, more games (eg. chess)
and even fax software but lack the tools to do so. I'm sure there are quite
a few OGOers like myself who are being frustrated because they know the
potential of their OGO 100/120 but lack the resources to tap into it.

I would like to hear my fellow OGOers view on this matter.


P.S. Does anyone have any specifications on the Bindery ? File format etc.
I would like to create a converter for HTML to Bindery and vice-versa.