Re: Omnigo 100/120 software ?

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Tue, 18 Feb 1997 00:12:34 +0100

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> Subject: Re: Omnigo 100/120 software ?
> Date: luned=EC 17 febbraio 1997 21.10
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> >Is there any alternative to using the GOES SDK or IZL to code for the
> >Omnigo ? =

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> The current alternative is DOS. With help from Marcus Groeber I've
> able to piece together how to control power management in DOS. Wheneve=
> get a few free seconds (seems difficult these days) I'll piece together=
> driver. With proper power management, DOS becomes a viable alternative=

> Also, a GEOS version of a SmallTalk programming language is being
> implemented for GEOS. It will be free and the source code will be
> available (it is someones graduate project). =

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> >It seems also that coding using the SDK is quite difficult &
> >coupled with the fact that HP apparently will soon "dump" the OGO
> >line (in favour of their CE machine), the OGO is doomed to few good
> >programs.
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> Fortunately, there are still people developing for Desktop GEOS with
> ports to the Omnigo. Software is in the works, and most software for t=
> desktop does run on the Omnigo.
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> >I use my OGO extensively & hoped that by now, it would have
> >matured into a better platform.
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> I agree. I purchased my Omnigo because I believed it had considerabl=
> more potential than any other device on the market.
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> >The Pilot was born much later & has gained
> >much more support than the OGO in the form of more productive third
> >software.
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> The Pilot is more popular and easier to develop for. The Omnigo is
> considerably less popular and most developers come from desktop GEOS.
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> >I would love to write dictionary/thesaurus software, more games (eg.
> >and even fax software but lack the tools to do so.
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> The SDK is only $100. You can even view the manauls online at
> I've looked through them a bit and it seems possible=

> create simple apps without too much trouble.
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> >I'm sure there are quite
> >a few OGOers like myself who are being frustrated because they know th=
> >potential of their OGO 100/120 but lack the resources to tap into it.
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> I'm one of those!
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> >P.S. Does anyone have any specifications on the Bindery ? File format
> >I would like to create a converter for HTML to Bindery and vice-versa.=

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> I thought the same idea when I got my Omnigo. Appearently it's not
> documented, but I suppose with Marcus's geodump software and a copy of
> bindery application you could hack it out.
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> Later,
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Hi All !

My opinion is that I don't understand why doesn't exist yet a better
version of IZL.
The current version is ok for his size : the compiler and editor take 60K=
but just for this reason good programs cannot be developed.

It's a pity, because the UI used by IZL is great.
Another lack of this language is its speed : at first I was thinking that=

it was due to Omnigo speed, but when I tried Qbasic, Turbo Pascal and
others they run much much faster!

I was attempting to write communication software for the Ogo in IZL, but
it's quite impossible : the IZL is so slow that you cannot put/get
correctly from/to the modem.

As I bougth a Compaq laptop, I'm going to write something for DOS......

Bye from Italy!

Alessandro Valente =