Re: HP OmniGo 120

Max Wood (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 15:46:40 -0600

Hi JA,

I am still a big OGO fan. I have not owned any other PDA, but did spend a
good deal of time researching the alternatives before I bought six months
ago. I looked closely at Pilot and Psion, but passed. The OGO was the only
unit at the time that seemed to have both a keyboard and pen based input, a
spreadsheet and a real financial calculator all built into one unit. Plus,
it seemed (and has been) the sturdiest unit of the three. I am not what you
might consider a power user, though. I don't have any other programs except
those that are available from HP. I'm sure some of the DOS and GEOS
shareware stuff is great, but I'm just not into that nor do I have the time.

I use my OGO primarily as scheduler. I have developed my own interface
between ACT and the OGO using Intellilink and Lotus Approach. Essentially,
I pass everything through Approach as far as meetings, to-dos and directory
is concerned. By doing this, I am able to load contact name, telephone
number and todo item in each todo entry. I pare down my ACT database (about
1000 names) to about 100 current and send to OGO and in the meeting section
I am able to send company, contact and any notes directly for the meeting to
OGO from ACT for use on the road. All of this also works in reverse. It is
not 100% true sync, but good enough for me.

I use the notes and spreadsheet extensively and keep the info backed-up both
on SRAM on OGO and on my desktop. I use Clip & Go for these applications.

I agree with you about the screen, but considering all of the other features
the OGO has, compared to the rest, it is a small price to pay.

I plan to take a hard look at the new CE machine when HP brings their new
one out in the summer.

Good luck.

At 03:14 PM 02/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Forgive the intrusion; I read an old note from you on Comp.Sys.Palmtops.
>Since you made some comment about the OG120 I infer you have (or had) one.
>I just got one.
>Any views on its strengths and weaknesses? Have you used any other similar
>palmtops you could compare it with?
>So far my biggest problem seems to be reading the screen in poor light.
>The pen feature is hard to see unless I'm in "office" conditions.
- Max