Re: Ultralite Batteries

Jeff Dubin (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 13:27:45 -0400 (EDT)

> I do not understand how NEC could not be aware of this problem. Are there
> only a few of us who have this problem?

I bought an Ultralite two years ago. The batteries sold to me with the
unit were post-exchange, so I assumed they'd work just fine. Not quite.
I ended up calling up NEC, where they then told me that they were sending
out a third batch of batteries, and that I'd get my batteries and a return
envelope postage paid. I did get the batteries, but even these batteries
didn't solve the problems I was having... battery time was non-existant.
I just assumed that it was a bad Ultralite or power supply, and ended up
selling it. It's pretty obvious to me that it was the batteries all
along. I sold it to a guy who ended up making an extra large battery pack
for it out of chargies (NiCd), and it worked fine for him.

Anyway, yes, I had the problem, and like others who have posted to this
list have said, NEC has treated me well, but they NEVER were able to
resolve the problems.

BTW, I'm currently the proud owner of an Apple MessagePad 120. A very
different platform, indeed.

Lastly, now that I'm no longer in the Ultralite scene, could some PLEASE
tell me how to unsubscribe?!? I'm pretty sure you're all annoyed with my
failed attempts which have bounced to the list. Sorry 'bout that...

Good luck!
Jeff Dubin