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Wed, 18 Sep 1996 07:39:03 -0400

Greetings David,

At 10:43 AM 9/17/96 -0400, wrote:

>indicates that it is charged, but still won't boot the machine. The other
>never even gets to the point where the charger thinks the battery is ready.

That is the problem with the battery that NEC sent to me last week in
exchange for one that would only charge for 1 hr. and run for 5 min.

>While I don't expect that NEC is listening, their behavior in this matter
>(buy back my working moly cells and send me batteries that simply don't
>work (they did work for 10-15 minutes initially)) has convinced me that
>they don't know how to design electronic equipment. The chances of my
>buying any NEC product (even their monitors, which are probably pretty
>good) are greatly reduced.

This battery problem really makes me wonder about NEC also. However, I
have heard nothing negative concerning the current series of laptops,
outside of prices beyond my range. I _like_ my Ultralite but wish I could
get more than 45 min. out of the "good" NiMH battery and get a second one
that would work longer than 15 min. This issue should have been resolved by
NEC at least five years ago and just strikes me as poor quality control. I
want the mollicells back!

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