Ultralite Batteries

Hank Kohlmann (hkohlman@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 05:50:40 -0700

I finally spoke to Lisa Schoenburg at NEC. Took two days (not counting the
weekend) for a return call.

I advised here of the battery problem with the Ultralite and the bad battery
received by Gregory Urban (see recent messages).

She indicated that she has been in her job about a year and that she was not
aware of the battery problem and was certain her management was not aware of
the problem. I explained the various ways in which UL users have been
trying to get around the problem and that it basically started with the
battery exchange program.

I advised her of the electronics discovered inside the batteries by a user.

She indicated that a meeting was to be held later that day (9/16/96) with
her boss to explain the magnitude of the problem. She believed that G.
Urban's battery was an isolated case.

I do not understand how NEC could not be aware of this problem. Are there
only a few of us who have this problem?

Schoenburg is to get back to me today