Hi! Just bought an UltraLite...

Christopher Burian (cburian@ll.mit.edu)
Tue, 17 Sep 96 11:04:59 -0400

I just bought an UltraLite at a flea market. I found this list
with an Alta Vista search. My first question has to do with talking to
the UltraLite. I called Travelling Software about Laplink for the PC.
The saleswoman there said that they don't sell any Laplink product that
will talk to any version made before 1993. She told me that Travelling
SW wouldn't have a problem with me getting a copy from another UltraLite
owner. So can anyone send me the DOS program I need? Or is it at an ftp
or web site somewhere? And, has anyone written a comm program for a Sun
workstation that will emulate Laplink? I'll read the FAQ again and try
to figure out the best way to communicate between UltraLite and DOS and
other platforms.

My only documentation is two sheets of paper with p/s and rs-232
connector pinouts. I've given it 5 and 12 volts and have it running.
I'm waiting for parts to make my charger circuit and rs-232 cable.

I saw the FAQ about getting started, does anyone have a technical
FAQ that talks about the hardware? For instance, is the rs-232 port an
ordinary IBM COM port as far as ports, etc. go? Is the display available
through bios calls only, or directly accessable as EGA, VGA, or whatever?
Is there a technical reference that I can buy from NEC or elsewhere? Is
there any way to use external laptop floppies having the standard D-sub

When I start up, I get a "power fail has occurred." Is this just
because the big battery is discharged? Does the C: drive die when the
main bat goes dead, or is my little battery dead, too? Before I bought
my Ultralite, it sat for a year. It has a Ni-MH battery, number PC-17-86,
and a 3.6V nicad. My backup power DIP switches are both set to off.
Will changing these switches allow me to save the C: drive contents even
though I don't have a charging adaptor yet? Is the nicad charged only
from the charging voltage, or does it get it's charge from the 5 or 12V

My pinout sheet also has a drawing of a charging adaptor. It
uses a 7805, 7812, and 7815. There's a resistor in series with the 15V
line with instructions to select the resistor for a charging current of
50 to 60ma. Is this correct? What are the 'HL' and 'controller' pins
for? Can I leave them disconnected when charging? Do they indicate when
the battery is fully charged? Could I use one of these lines to turn off
charging current at the proper time? Are NiMH batteries charged with
constant current or tapering current? Is a resistor best for controlling
charging current, or should I rig up a constant current circuit?

Will QuickBasic and QuickC compiled programs run on the
UltraLite? Will QBasic.exe and Edit.com from DOS 5 run on the UltraLite?

My main use for the UltraLite will be for in-circuit programming
of microcontrollers via rs-232. I'll be installing a cross-compiler,
cross-assembler, and downloading software. I'll also use it as a
terminal to talk to embedded microcontrollers.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me. In the mean time, I'll
read through the list archives.