Re: Ultralite Batteries

David B. Reiser (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 10:43:40 -0400 (EDT)

I am currently unable to run my ultralite except while plugged in. One of
the NiMH batteries they sent me in exchange for the original Moly cells
indicates that it is charged, but still won't boot the machine. The other
never even gets to the point where the charger thinks the battery is ready.

I had offered to give my UL away to someone, since I hadn't been using it,
but now that I can't really get it to work (because of the batteries),
I've still got this boat anchor laying around irritating me.

Please don't offer to relieve me of my burden. If I get to that point,
I'll let you know before I pitch it out.

While I don't expect that NEC is listening, their behavior in this matter
(buy back my working moly cells and send me batteries that simply don't
work (they did work for 10-15 minutes initially)) has convinced me that
they don't know how to design electronic equipment. The chances of my
buying any NEC product (even their monitors, which are probably pretty
good) are greatly reduced.

Dave Reiser (I don't speak for my employer.)