Re: What's so Wrong? (was Re: Battery... )

Bradley S. Corsello (starnet!apple!po.CWRU.Edu!bsc7)
Tue, 28 Sep 93 15:47:52 -0400

>Again, while I commend them for acting before someone died (has anyone
>died?), my dark, bitter heart says they're avoiding a potential lawsuit.

Yes, NEC has to justify the cost of recalling the batteries, and
considering how generous the terms are, they must want ALL the batteries
back VERY badly. That means they're probably afraid of being liable for a
personal injury should a battery explode on someone.

>battery, whether DAK owns it or I own it. I guess the unclear thing
>is--does the same policy hold for unsold batteries DAK might have. If DAK
>can profit from this, how is it crooked for me to do the same?

As a practical matter, you probably won't be able to buy lots and lots of
batteries to return. Probably the first thing NEC did was to contact their
distributors (if there still are any) and buy back their stock. And
anyway, a distributor who sells a battery that later blows up faces
liability of his own, so no one will want to sell whatever batteries they
have, most likely.

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