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Todd C. Hart (starnet!apple!!toddh)
Tue, 28 Sep 1993 11:27:39 -0600

>On Sep 28, 6:53am, Eugene Levine wrote:
>> We really should find a way to reward this good behavior, and not try to
>> find clever ways around their minimal restrictions.

Yes, we should try and reward it. I hope NEC is being a good corporation.
My experiences with corporations though is that they'll do what's necessary
and rarely go beyond that.
I'm impressed also with what they're doing. Just very skeptical as to "Why?"

>It seems to me that NEC is doing much much more than simply covering their
>corporate butt against lawsuits -- they're demonstrating customer service
>at its best, and I sincerely hope that no one actually takes advantage of them.
Again, depending on the policy for unsold batteries, it may not be taking
advantage of them. I have made up my mind not to do it. Actually, just
adding up just the potential cost of the payment alone (13,000 Ulites x 3
batteries x $100) comes to 1.3 million. Still small slice of NEC's pie,
but double it for the cost of the new batteries, plus overhead for this
marketing firm that appears to be handling the recall $$$. I'm impressed.
I would hope more companies would act this way. I'm still skeptical on

Ooops, just read Brian's other comment that 130,000 ulites were sold. If
that's true I am REALLY impressed. At least locally, though, this list is
the only place I've heard about the recall. So more thanks for the list.

Yes, I'm impressed by Saturn also, but it's going to take awhile before
their modern approach rubs off on GM. Just like it took awhile for U.S.
automakers to catch up with the Japanese.
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