What's so Wrong? (was Re: Battery... )

Todd C. Hart (starnet!apple!acad.stedwards.edu!toddh)
Tue, 28 Sep 1993 09:43:49 -0600

>Dear Fellow Ultraliters:
>Just a word about NEC - I'm surprised by bthe lack of appreciation being
>shown on thislist. Here's a machine many years out of production, bought
>byt many of us at steep discount from mail order houses specializing in
>remainders and discontinued models. And NEC - voluntarily - recalls this
>the batteries in the old model, replaces the bad batteries and offers a
>cash payment to boot! and all we can do is think up clever ways to bilk them.

I doubt it's out of the kindness of the company's heart. I (and probably
NEC's lawyers) were thinking potential lawsuits if any of these smoking
batteries burned a house down. Customer service/PR may play a part. I
commend them for acting before someone died (unlike GM). But I think
they're benefitting just as much as us.

>Really! How about recognizing NEC's responsible attitude toward customers,
>such as its willingness to support out-of-production machines (and
>out-of-warranty); willingness to seek out potential recipienytts, and
>generous treatment of customers.
Again, while I commend them for acting before someone died (has anyone
died?), my dark, bitter heart says they're avoiding a potential lawsuit.

>We really should find a way to reward this good behavior, and not try to
>find clever ways around their minimal restrictions.
>Or do we subscribe to the cracker ethic: it's always the victim's fault if
>they don't assume everyone else is a crook?
I'm not really sure this is crooked. A recalled battery is a recalled
battery, whether DAK owns it or I own it. I guess the unclear thing
is--does the same policy hold for unsold batteries DAK might have. If DAK
can profit from this, how is it crooked for me to do the same?

I'm probably not going to try this, but because I usually feel guilty about
taking matchbooks from restuarants and hotels and I don't have any extra
money, not because I think this is particularly wrong. Buy low, sell high.
Even with my somewhat socialist leanings I can appreciate this.
>With love
>Gene Levine

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