Re: Handheld Hard Drives

I, Dubious: LKG1-3/L12, DTN 226-5144 18-Aug-1993 2013 ((no email))
Wed, 18 Aug 93 20:14:20 EDT

Brian, thanks for the input. I wanted to run GeoWorks Ensemble,
too, so this seemed the best alternative. I got antsy and ordered
the 20-Mbyte handheld drive; when I asked the sales guy whether
he knew of any problems the drives had with the UL, he took my
number, checked it out with his technicians, then called me back
saying they'd had one of the drives running on a UL--with no
problems, apparently.

It's supposed to arrive next week. After checking it out, I'll
post any observations/problems.


William Dubie
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, Mass.

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