Handheld Hard Drives

I, Dubious: LKG1-3/L12, DTN 226-5144 18-Aug-1993 1550 ((no email))
Wed, 18 Aug 93 15:57:30 EDT

Just got a flyer in the mail from Dayton Valley Electronics
(1-800-759-0881). They sell PalmBook palmtop PCs, but the
noticeable insert was the following:

Special Offer on 30MB Handheld Hard Drives

Need additional disk storage? Want to transfer files from any PC
to any other PC megabytes at a time? Want to backup (sic) your
files and data faster? Need a secure inviornment (sic) for your
sensitive data?

We are over stocked with 30MB parallel HandHeld Hard Drives,
which means you can do all of the above and more at an
unbelievable price. Quick to install, easy to use, no controller
cards, no installation hassles, just plug into the parallel port
and go. Will work on virtually any PC, Laptop, Notebook, or even
some Palmtops.

Comes complete with pass-through printer port, internal
rechargeable NI-CAD batteries, AC/DC adapter, cables software
driver, manuals, and nylon carrying case, yet weights (sic) less
than 1.5LB.

Installs in less than 30 seconds to any DOS 3.0 or higher based


For more information, call 1-800-759-0881

They're also selling 20-Mbyte drives for $179, 40-Mbyte drives
for $259, 80 for $$399, 120 for $479, and 215 for $629. Has
anyone used any of these drives for the venerable UltraLite? Has
anyone done business with these guys? The 120-Mbyte drive
especially seems appropriate, and I wonder whether the drive will
work with the parallel port on the UL's external disk drive....

Bill Dubie
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, Mass.

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