ROM cards, etc from DAK

Darryl Davidson (starnet!apple!!davidson)
Sat, 21 Aug 1993 03:24:32 -0500 (EDT)

Just got a flyer from DAK that says they're discounting all the
NEC stuff deeply to close it out. For example, the Works 1.x was
$30, WordPerfect 5.0 was $150 or $100 used, Lotus 1-2-3 was $15.
Most of the other stuff originally in the DAK U-lite ad was $40

Also available: parallel cables $50, disk drives, 256K ram cards $70.

One question: anyone use the 256K card enough to give a fair appraisal
on it? 'Tis tempting me, but not as much as the hard disk drive folks
were discussing a bit ago. How'd the test-drive work out on them?

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