Re: Handheld Hard Drives

I, Dubious: LKG1-3/L12, DTN 226-5144 07-Sep-1993 2047 ((no email))
Tue, 7 Sep 93 20:49:31 EDT

Well, the GeoWorks working model worked perfectly on a GRiD
laptop (8086, 20-MB drive) that I had awhile, which is the only
thing that worked on the GRiD.;-) Maybe I'll have to break down
and purchase the full-blown version of GeoWorks, which is what
I've been meaning to do, but I'd like to be sure it'll run.

As for the AOL problems, another reader suggested I adjust the
"FILES=xxx" line in my config.sys file. I'll give that a try,
too. Maybe that's what GeoWorks needs to run....

Bill Dubie
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, Mass.

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