Re: COMM, a background x/y/kermit transfer communications prgm

Hyunsuk Seung (
Fri, 8 Nov 91 03:08:55 EST

> Have been using kermit version 3.02 on the Ultralite regularly.
> After pklite compression, it still takes some 70kbytes - not a
> problem for me. All our mainframes are Unix, both VAX and Sun flavors.
> Make sure all your settings are correct. If you are transferring binary
> files, you need 8 bits, no parity (at least, on our system).
> Kermit then requires a "no parity" setting, instead of the more usual
> "even" parity. Kermit takes care of the 7/8 bit on its own. In fact,
> Kermit is the only communications program that I own that will handle
> situations where you "pass through" systems with alternating seven/
> eight bit protocols (e.g. German mainframe to Datex-P to Telenet to
> Purdue mainframe).
> Good luck.

Thanks for the information. Actually, what I really was asking in
my original posting was whether anyone had performed successful
back-ground kermit transfers using COMM (bytecomm) program. I use
Kermit version 2.32 (which is only 56k when pklite'ed ;-) with no
problem what so ever.
Anyway, I've just found out that my school's Sparc server
support x/y/z modem protocols, so I'm open to any suggestion
regarding any good back-ground file transfer program. Somehow,
DGTERM doesn't work with the school's 7-E-1 configuration.
Correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Hyunsuk Seung