Re: COMM, a background x/y/kermit transfer communications prgm

Fritz Friedlaender (
Thu, 7 Nov 91 11:24:33 -0500

Have been using kermit version 3.02 on the Ultralite regularly.
After pklite compression, it still takes some 70kbytes - not a
problem for me. All our mainframes are Unix, both VAX and Sun flavors.
Make sure all your settings are correct. If you are transferring binary
files, you need 8 bits, no parity (at least, on our system).
Kermit then requires a "no parity" setting, instead of the more usual
"even" parity. Kermit takes care of the 7/8 bit on its own. In fact,
Kermit is the only communications program that I own that will handle
situations where you "pass through" systems with alternating seven/
eight bit protocols (e.g. German mainframe to Datex-P to Telenet to
Purdue mainframe).
Good luck.