COMM, a background x/y/kermit transfer communications prgm

Hyunsuk Seung (
Thu, 7 Nov 91 00:19:26 EST

Dear UltraLite users,

I've just tried out a background x/y/kermit transfer comm. program
called COMM (available in simtel or as It takes up only 50K in memory when loaded up and
the file size is about 24K (pklite'd). Although it sounded neat
and worked okay, I haven't been able to actually perform any
kermit transfers (it kept on saying transfer errors). I don't
know whether it's a bug or a problem with the UltraLite itself.
I've tried configuring in a various ways, but with no avail :-(.
Maybe it might be a problem with my school's system, but THE
Kermit (version 2.32) program works fine. Has anyone successfully
performed a kermit transfer on his/her UltraLite?

P.s. Brian, thanks for the information about MKS toolkit. I just
ordered one today with an educational discout price of $124.50.

Hyunsuk Seung