printing from GeoWorks on the UltraLite

Brian Smithson (
Thu, 14 Nov 1991 10:00:59 -0800

Just a quick note in case someone else is working with GeoWorks Ensemble:

If you can't print (printer does a couple of linefeeds and then you get
an alert dialog box saying "Printer not responding"), go into the preferences
tool and under the "computer" section, select either "DOS" or "BIOS" instead
of interrupt 7 for LPT1. I'm not sure what the pros or cons are between
selecting DOS versus BIOS, but both seem to work with my -- eat your hearts
out, folks -- Canon BJ10ex portable bubble jet printer. Evidently, GeoWorks
ignores as much of DOS as it can and talks directly to the I/O ports. It has
trouble with some kinds of ports, and I guess that the floppy/parallel thing
on the UltraLite is one of them.

-Brian Smithson
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