Re: Not dead, only resting

Marc DeVinney (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 09:18:20 -0500


I believe the problem that you have is that the memory contents got
corrupted when both the main and backup batteries dropped below the
level to maintain the RAM logic levels. If you'll go back to the startup
procedure in the Ogo manual, you'll see that it instructs you to insert
the main batteries before the backup batteries. Inserting the backup
battery into an uninitialized unit approximates what happened to you

The reset button on the bottom won't normally erase the data in the unit
if it is usable.


David/Carmen wrote:
> Thanks to all those who offered advice when I asked "Is my Omnigo dead?"
> The problem was that the main batteries (Ni-Cads) had run down so far that
> there wasn't enough power to respond to the On button, then the backup died
> too. After recharging the NiCads I still had to press the reset button
> underneath and restore my data from (not too old) backups.
> I still don't really understand why even with fresh fully charged batteries
> it wouldn't come on until I factory-reset it.
> Dave