Not dead, only resting

Mark Teegarden (
Wed, 23 Apr 97 8:04:20 EDT

>The problem was that the main batteries (Ni-Cads) had run down so far that
>there wasn't enough power to respond to the On button, then the backup died
>too. After recharging the NiCads I still had to press the reset button
>underneath and restore my data from (not too old) backups.
>I still don't really understand why even with fresh fully charged batteries
>it wouldn't come on until I factory-reset it.

That's typical of Ni-Cads since their discharge curve is so sharp at
the end of their power cycle. Most people who use them will put in
replacements when there's 3 bars left in the power monitor.

I was running my Ogo on a pair of fairly low alkaline batteries and
then tried to run backups via serial cable. Mine froze exactly like
yours and with HP Palmtop Support's assistance, I ended up having to
use the reset button in the back of the unit. They gave me a 50-50
chance of losing data. I faced the pen calibration screen when it came
back up, so I was positive I'd lost it all. But luckily, it did come
back with no data loss. I was absolutely amazed.

Moral - don't try to use the serial cable on low (1 or 2 bars)