Re: Making Omnigo Faster
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 11:04:46 -0400 (EDT)

The clock-doubling thing is in regards to the Casio Z-7000, commonly called
the "Zoomer". There isn't anyone offering to operate on the OmniGo to double
the CPUs clock speed.

One thing you can do that doesn't require messing with the hardware is to
reboot the device now and then. This clears out the state files associated
with each running application. Or, to avoid rebooting you can press Fn+F3 to
exit an application you're not using. This causes the app to shutdown and
usually not save anything to the state file.

Adding a RAM card actually made my OmniGo turn on slower. Whenever I had my
2MB SRAM card plugged in and I turned on the OmniGo, the screen came on and I
couldn't interact with it for about two seconds. This seems to be a problem
with the OmniGo. Others have not had this problem. Otherwise, all a RAM card
does is give you more storage space. GEOS doesn't use the RAM card for more
heap space, but rather as a disk for storing files.


In a message dated 97-04-15 05:27:43 EDT, (Tat Chan)
> I have the OmniGo 120. Does anyone have tips on how to make the
> Omnigo perform faster. I have heard that you can double the clock
> speed. Is this true? Also would more RAM make the OGO faster; if
> yes, what kind of RAM card.
> If anyone could provide me some assistance on this, I would much
> appreciate it.