Re: Where to buy Omnigo 100/120's?

Marc DeVinney (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 09:21:35 -0500


They're still available at our nearby Service Merchandise
( and Office Depot stores here in


John Justin wrote:
> Hi Omnigo Fans,
> It's becoming increasingly difficult to purchase an Omnigo 100/120. All
> the usual distributors have exhausted their inventories: Notebook Supply
> Warehouse, Educalc, Global Connections, PDA Direct, Direct Mobile,
> Electek, Computer Discount Warehouse, Microwarehouse, MobilePlanet,
> Wysiwyg, DPS, Officemax, Office Depot, Staples, and others.
> When a product is discontinued by a manufacturer, is there a surplus
> house where the excess inventory goes? Who's buying up the Omnigo
> inventory, if anyone?
> Is there a supplier out there that still has Omnigo 100/120s for sale,
> or did HP and its distributors manage to sell every last unit in their
> inventories? I'm trying to find a source to fill orders for my vertical
> market application software.
> Why is HP still promoting the Omnigo 100/120 on Compuserve and their web
> site if none are available for purchase anymore. When will they formally
> announce, if ever, the Omnigo's discontinuance so I can put my software
> product to rest and move on? They won't even acknowledge my e-mail and
> letters to them!
> Also note that Reboot Electronics has run out of the 1MB Grid SRAM
> cards, so don't waste the toll call.
> Best regards,
> John Justin
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