Re: Net-Tamer

Ivan Liew (
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 09:20:33 +0800

At 12:53 AM 4/5/97 +0000, wrote:
>excuse me , can you tell me in steps how to install the nettamer and
>all other files neaded to run it in Og100,, excuse for the too much ,
>thank you in advance

I copied the files NETTAMER.COM, READER.EXE and RED.COM to a directory
called B:\NETTAMER which I made using OMNICOM. Running NETTAMER or READER
allows configuration of the program. You have to run READER when you first
run the program. I found it easier to configure most options on my PC then
copy the *.def files which are created, then change the rest of the settings
so I don't have to type much on the omnigo. Of course you have to have DOS
mode installed. For this, I just used OGTEXT as the last line in my
autoexec.bat file.

Also see what others posted about the COMSPEC variable in autoexec.bat so
that RED.COM runs properly.

However, I haven't got it fully working yet. I'm very tight on space as I
don't have a memory card (I gotta try that flash card driver) and OGMODE
doesn't work well for me so I can't scroll the screen properly! :(

I'm using the PDA version. Have others used other vesions before? I
couldn't get the beta version to fun on the Ogo, though it ran on the PC fine...