New Kid On The Block

Bill Holden (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 22:04:29 -0500

Ivan Liew wrote:
> However, I haven't got it fully working yet. I'm very tight on space as I
> don't have a memory card (I gotta try that flash card driver) and OGMODE
> doesn't work well for me so I can't scroll the screen properly! :(

I just purchased the Ogo 100 a few weeks ago and I keep reading
about not being able to use flash cards without a driver. I
bought a SanDisk 6MB compact flash with a Type 2 adapter and it
works great. No drivers, I just plugged it in. Is this not
suppose to work?? I have had several techs tell me it won't work.
But, it works and it only cost $149. Is my Ogo going to blow up?

Since your listening, can someone point me towards some cool
software for my Ogo?? I've searched the net and hit tons of
sites. I picked all Mike Fine's really neat e-books, I've
got the IZL stuff, and everything else I could find. But,
I'm sure I'm missing something... since I'm new to the Ogo.

:) Bill