re:Uki game missing function keys

Tyler McLellan (
28 Mar 1997 03:02 EST

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>From: Charles Schoppet <>
>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 08:19:55 -0800
>Subject: Uki game missing function keys
>I just purchased the "Link To Windows PC".
>The Uki game is missing the function Keys at the bottom of the screen.
>All the other games display and function correctly except this one.
>Has anyone else found this problem? Or found a way to correct this.

No, I recently got a copy and it seems fine:
F1 is new
F2 is hint
F3-F5 are blank (supposed to be, I think)

Maybe you should try a shft-on-next and see if it's OK.


Tyler A. McLellan

Carleton University Science