Re: Flash RAM & Other Curiosities

Suneet Gupta (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 19:30:09 -0800

Christopher Paradies wrote:
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> Hi Kent,
> I bought my 10 Mb Flash RAM card from Magic Ram about 6 months ago. The
> prices are lower now than then. Check this web page for low Flash RAM
> prices:
> 10 Mb should sell in the $200 range (new).
> >On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Christopher Paradies wrote:
> >> So, I wanted the PCMCIA slot for extra memory. I think that this is
> >> essential. I have a 10 Mb card with about 4 Mb on it so far (after 6 months
> >> of use). This also gave plenty of room for installing CIM for GEOS
> >> (downloadable from Compuserve for no net cost).
> >
> > A 10Mb card? I want one of those really bad, it is simply a
> >necessity for me. (I MIGHT be able to live with a 5mb card or so, but
> >that's pushing it.) So, I was just wondering how much you paid for a 10Mb
> >card? (It's not SRam, right?)
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> Christopher Paradies, Ph.D.
> internet:
> address: EPFL, LMPH, DMX-G 333
> CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

I also need a lot of RAM to create large databases on my Ogo. Forgive me
for my naivety (I only bought my Ogo two weeks ago) but how do you use
Flash RAM in it instead of SRAM ? The user guide talks only about SRAM.
Are there any special precautions/procedures ? The difference in price
clearly makes this an attractive option!

Whilst entering data into my Ogo, the RAM available seemed to drop from
380k to 280k for no obvious reason! This is causing me some concern since
I have less than 100 phonebook entries in it so far (and little other
data). Does anyone out there have any ideas?

And finally, what are the typical steps involved in downloading an Ogo
app or e-book from the PC to the Ogo?

Thanks and regards,
Suneet Gupta