Re: Flash RAM & Other Curiosities

Mon, 24 Mar 1997 13:25:50 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Suneet Gupta wrote:
> Whilst entering data into my Ogo, the RAM available seemed to drop from
> 380k to 280k for no obvious reason! This is causing me some concern since
> I have less than 100 phonebook entries in it so far (and little other
> data). Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Try hitting Shift-on-next. That should clear a lot of space for
you without deleting anything you need.

> And finally, what are the typical steps involved in downloading an Ogo
> app or e-book from the PC to the Ogo?

Get "instal31.exe" from a web site with ogo software. Install it,
and run it. It tells you step by step how to do it. I personally use
omnicom, but get instal31 first.