Ogo discontinued?

John Justin (john@jjustin.com)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:58:35 -0800

If the Ogo has been discontinued, why is it still being advertised at
the HP sites on the net, AOL, and Compuserve?

Why don't the inept marketeers at HP have the integrity and courage to
come out with an appropriate announcement. There are ISV's out there,
myself included, that have invested an extraordinary amount of time,
effort, and money in developing for this platform. Let us know so that
we can either continue developing or go on to something else.

There are benefits to the Omnigo: one is low power consumption; although
it's not great it certainly beats any of the WinCE machines (they only
last a few hours between recharges). They need a massive processing
capability to handle the hacked down Win95 OS's overhead. Geos doesn't.
I've also heard that it's only practical to use a PC card with an AC
adapter. If that's true, then the WinCE machines are a real disaster,
unless, of course, the "Wizkid" plans on investing his fortunes in new
battery technologies.

The Omnigo is certainly more friendly to use for those that are computer
phobic, and in doing so it doesn't sacrifice any sophistication in
function. You can become as deep or shallow in use with it as you like.

The Omnigo's screen needs to be a bit larger, maybe 15-20%, and have a
backlight capability. Get rid of the fold behind screen. Most of my
customers have never even used it. It's an interesting selling point but
the necessity for a square screen precludes the implementation of a more
larger and appropriate rectangular screen.

Add an AC adapter jack, it only costs a few pennies. How the decision to
leave that out still amazes me! It will allow the use of the new Ni-MH
high performance rechargeable batteries (twice the capacity of NiCads
and half that of Lithium-Ion). I'm using them now and recharge them with
my soon to be announced microprocessor based battery charger. It charges
them in one hour! I haven't bought alkaline or Lithium batteries in four

Come on HP! Where's your competitive spirit? Don't cower to Mr. Gates.
You need to hire some good marketing talent, especially aggressive,
knowledgeable product managers, that don't have their heads up their
asses. You can do it!

When the dust settles, the WinCE machines won't be all that they are cut
out to be: having an alternative shows good busines judgement.

John Justin, MSEE, MBA

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