Re: Ogo discontinued?

David R. Jungemann (djung@FOOTHILL.NET)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 09:04:31 -0800

John Justin wrote:
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> The Omnigo's screen needs to be a bit larger, maybe 15-20%, and have a
> backlight capability. Get rid of the fold behind screen. Most of my
> customers have never even used it. It's an interesting selling point but
> the necessity for a square screen precludes the implementation of a more
> larger and appropriate rectangular screen.
> Add an AC adapter jack, it only costs a few pennies. How the decision to
> leave that out still amazes me! It will allow the use of the new Ni-MH
> high performance rechargeable batteries (twice the capacity of NiCads
> and half that of Lithium-Ion). I'm using them now and recharge them with
> my soon to be announced microprocessor based battery charger. It charges
> them in one hour! I haven't bought alkaline or Lithium batteries in four
> months!
> Come on HP! Where's your competitive spirit? Don't cower to Mr. Gates.
> You need to hire some good marketing talent, especially aggressive,
> knowledgeable product managers, that don't have their heads up their
> asses. You can do it!

Look, folks. HP didn't listen to us when they created the OGO 120.
not going to listen to us now. They have, as a matter of corporate
driven a stake through the heart of the OGO; the fact that the stake
also went
through their own feet just isn't going to occur to them.

My plan is to wait until they DO announce the discontinuation of the
OGO. Then,
around Christmas, I'm gonna pick up an OGO 120 for a song and keep it as
a spare.
I know a good thing when I see one!

My two-cents-worth about WinCE is that the machines are flawed;
Microsoft is forcing
the hardware geeks to cough up these bogus machines; Microsoft is
screwing the
hardware manufacturers. Sooner or later, babe, that big ugly dodo is
gonna come home
to roost. And, no, the solution ISN'T Unix or some other huge
monstrosity. Don't
know what is going to replace the whole Windows mess, but it's gonna
have to be
smaller, faster, smarter and bug-free.

Dave Jungemann
Senior Software Engineer
WTS Bureau Systems, Inc.