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Anti-WinCE tirade follows;

-- Simon

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> From: (Jerry Graves)
> Date: Thu, 20 Mar 97 20:51:07 MST
> Subject: Re: answer to What's the difference
> The question was:
> >>Why has HP discontinued the OmniGo line?
> And the answer:
> > I think that they are planning to come out with a Windows CE
> > model similar in features to the OmniGo.
> My two cents:
> Perhaps not many of you are aware that the entire Omnigo product line
> from HP has been discontinued: the 100, the 120, the connectivity
> pack, clip & go, sync & go, strategy games, everything.
> It would be my guess that the reason for this is Microsoft blackmail.
> We all know how Microsoft feels about genuine competition. HP
> probably struck an agreement with Microsoft after the release of the
> 120 to discontinue the Omnigo line before the release of their Windows
> CE machine. The death of the only quality affordable alternative to
> the Windows CE platform puts to rest the lie that the Omnigo was
> targeted to a different market (so-called "organizers"), a fiction put
> forward by the handheld PR hacks at HP who knew better. If it were
> merely the case that the Omnigo were unprofitable, the accessories
> would still be available from HP. But this is not the case. So in
> spite of the happy pronouncements of a partnership with Geoworks, they
> sandbagged their own superior product and removed a major opportunity
> for GEOS to gain a signicant share of a potential market boom. I'm
> sure that HP's CE machine will be a success, for the same reason the
> 200lx was (and still is), but abandoning the Omnigo and forcing those
> who would like to have purchased the next Omnigo with GEOS 3.x with
> it's communications support seems to me an act of cowardice. They
> decided to bet on a winner with meager per unit returns (with lots of
> unit sales) rather than a dark horse that might have paid off big.
> Microsoft could care less who makes the hardware as long as it
> requires their software, and HP is now right in line with their new
> world digital order. This is so sad because Microsoft needed HP to
> legitmize CE, but HP didn't need Microsoft until after they had
> already invested large sums of money developing their CE machine.
> Since the specifications for the platform require upgradeable ROM, it
> is possible that GEOS may one day run on the HP machine, provided
> Microsoft hasn't gotten exclusivity agreements from all the hardware
> manufacturers, but by then all the third party applications available
> for CE will have blinded most puchasers of handheld devices to any
> alternative but the Apple Newton. Long live Microsoft. Microsoft
> forever. Praise be to Microsoft. The company led by a vacuous,
> visionless man now owns the handheld market.
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> From: John Hayles <>
> Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 22:52:11 -0600
> Subject: Re: He
> Well, I bought a cable from Quicken for $12.50. When I called to get
> the free quicken software for the omnigo they also had cables. The best
> price I have seen. Try phone # 1 800 243 4650 Ext. 810 564 and ask
> about the software and cable. The software was free when I called.
> John Hayles
> Midland Texas
> >
> > Welp. I have a problem. The only place I can get the
> > connectivity pack is at Office Depot. I like the fact that I could
> > actually go there with the money, and walk out with the cord I need. But
> > 100.00 bucks for the cord (that's all I need is the damn cord!) just
> > doesn't seem right. So, if anyone is good with making cords (I'd try
> > myself, but it didn't exactly go to well last time I tried (TI85
> > Calculator)) I would be more than happy to pay twice as much as it cost
> > you to make it if you want to send it to me? :) This is what I did for
> > the 85, so I thought I'd ask if anyone is up to this. I'll even pay more
> > if you are in need of cash or something, but I simply don't feel right
> > paying 100 bucks for a cord. Plus, I know you can mail order them for 20
> > bucks or something, but I don't have a credit card. Hmm, well, if anyone
> > is up to it, reply I suppose. Thanks.
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