Re: How to ACT!?

Max Wood (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 20:02:48 -0600

Hi Frank,

What I am about to tell you will not make you a happy man :) .

I don't know what version of ACT! you are using, but v2 is the only one that
works at all with the OGO Connectivity Pack at the present. You can do all
of your stuff in ACT and load it into OGO with the Connectivity Pack, but
you loose a lot of ACT features. Here are just a few:
No true sync -- upload and download only
Many fields in ACT will not transfer to OGO & vice versa
When going from OGO to ACT, if you are not very careful, contacts get
duplicated in ACT

I won't go on with this. There is more, but I know by now you are a very
unhappy person.

If you have a friend who is technically inclined, or if you decide to become
so inclined yourself, you can use the ASCII option in the Connectivity Pack
to solve most (not all) of these problems and more. It is time consuming,
but it can be done.

I'll be happy to answer more of your questions.

Good luck.

At 12:23 AM 03/17/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I was a happy man with my Omnigo, PC and Connectivity Pack. I would work
>mainly on the PC and then synchronise with the Ogo.
>Now I have recently started to explore the program ACT! and it looks as
>if that could make me an even happier man. The only thing is that it
>seems rather foolish to schedule my work in both ACT! and the
>connectivity pack, just for the sake of synchronising with the Ogo.
>By looking around in the archives, I have gathered some hope that there
>is a solution to this problem. The information that I found so far comes
>in bits and pieces and being completely a-technical I cannot get a full
>picture out of it.
>Therefore my question: I would like to be able to synchronise between
>my PC, using ACT!, and my Omnigo.
>Could anybody advise me how to ACT?!
>Thank you in advance and kind regards,
>Frank Leuver
>The Netherlands
- Max